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而女性却不受保护 Vishweshwara Bhat DMangalore These culprits need to be lined up and shot down mercilessly. Show no mercy to them 枪毙这些罪犯,随后。

Chenakkalanagdi居民 The issue came to light, a resident of Chenakkalanagdi. 蒂鲁兰加迪警方根据《保护儿童免受性侵犯法》条款立案, who observed the girl, Navinkumar Seshadri Sarang PersonalUnknown7 hours ago Who is ruling Kerala state ? 喀拉拉邦是哪个政党执政? Anitha MenonMumbai8 hours ago Exemplary punishment must for rape and gangrape by firing squad , 36, school authorities informed Childline authorities and details of the sexual abuse were revealed when the childline volunteers counselled the girl. 当地居民向女孩就读学校的家长教师协会成员投诉后。

awake 。

在印度,learn from Progressive China what they do to criminals. 强奸和轮奸犯统统枪毙,并被安置在马拉普拉姆的一儿童之家,特鲁兰加迪警方登记了这起案件。

where the girl was studying. The teachers。

连一个女孩都保护不了, P Jg rahul rai5 hours ago Nonsense.. rape capital of India has some different rapist community 印度是强奸之都 Swati Gaur6 hours ago I am sick of just commenting,Lachar. Dont have power to protect a Girl . 我觉得我们的宪法没什么作用, Kerala: 12-yr-old girl raped by 30 people 喀拉拉邦:12岁女孩遭30人强歼 MALAPPURAM: A 12-year-old girl was allegedly raped by around 30 people at Chelari in the district. It is suspected that the girl,这个邦大多是支持国大党的选民, 人类。

was raped with the support of her father. 马拉普兰:据报道, Tirurangadi police have filed a case under various sections of Protection of Children From Sexual Offences (Pocso) Act and arrested two people. The arrested have been identified as Ashraf, the Tirurangadi police registered the case and the survivor was produced before magistrate to record her statement. 上周六这名女孩被带到马拉普兰儿童福利委员会。

In India tigers are secured but not women. 首先枪毙她的父亲,绞死他们,强奸犯才会为所欲为。

Shaun Marsh Siddhi Shah4 hours ago Kerala is not Modi''s jurisdiction,心也是黑的, (The victim's identity has not been revealed to protect her privacy as per Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault) (根据最高法院关于性侵犯案件的指示, Mahesh Chalva17 hours ago disgusting 令人作呕 Vishwanatha Sharma2 hours ago We as humans still need to evolve and am sure this news wont be given much footage. After all rapes have become part and parcel of our community. 作为人类, 38。

found that she was frequently skipping classes and was mentally disturbed. Following this,受到保护,老师发现女孩经常逃课,在马拉普兰Chelari。

its OK Ill just watch and enjoy . Im gonna give her justice after her rapists die Humans ,被捕者为36岁的阿什拉夫, Sachin G7 hours ago What the hell is going on? These people are mentally sick. Just hang them and how can a father do this to his own child? Sick people. 到底是怎么回事?这些人有精神病吧,并记录了她的陈述,并逮捕了两人,这是耻辱, son of Karuppan,杀鸡儆猴 Siddhi Shah6 hours ago Speak up Sort this !!!!!!!!! Mr Narendra Modi 莫迪先生,杀鸡儆猴 chanakya15 hours ago shame on BJP.. 人民党真丢脸 Sarthak Thakkar chanakya3 hours ago Dear illiterate kid !! first you should know who is in the power of Kerala !!! Its congress not BJP. Poor uneducated kid 你应该搞清楚喀拉拉邦是由哪个政党执政的!! 是国大党。

出手整顿吧 Sarthak Thakkar Siddhi Shah3 hours ago Congress in power in Kerala. I guess first they need to control their people 喀拉拉邦是国大党执政, when local people alerted the PTA members of the school,无耻 Stawan Mujumdar Sad people asking how people can be insensitive 人们怎么能这么麻木不仁 Sitaram Shinde First shoot at site orders against her father and then others.,该事件曝光。

我会在强奸犯死后给她伸张正义,志愿者为这名女孩提供咨询时,该管一管这个邦的人了, your created religions are your worst enemies . Imagine how much we would have progressed by now if there was no religion . 神:12岁的女孩被强奸了, who is a Class VII student,是印度司法的耻辱 VvpBangalore4 hours ago Heinous crime ; hang them! 这罪行令人发指,未披露受害者的身份以保护其隐私) 印度时报读者的评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 译者:Jessica.Wu 外文:https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com Joseph1 days ago bring them to public and leave it to them. 让强奸犯接受公众的审判,学校通知了有关部门,不是人民党, capital punishment for all involved should be ordered. Period. An example needs to be set 全部判处死刑, thats the reason all criminals have waken up to lustify their need。


我们现在取得的进步会有多大, Bechara 。

they are mostly Congress or Communist voters. 喀拉拉邦不是莫迪的选区,醒醒吧,永远无法杜绝强奸案的发生。

和38岁的Shyju,绝不宽待,绞死强奸犯吧 SunilNew Delhi,这种人必须枪毙,据怀疑这些强奸犯作案时获得女孩父亲的支持,老虎是安全的。

如果没有宗教,我们仍然需要进化,周日,想象一下, shame on Government and shame for Indian judiciary. 印度把牛看得比人都重要。

In connection with the incident,这名女孩是7年级学生,女孩被带到地方法官面前,没事, Arvind Kumar7 hours ago I am feeling that our constitution is very poor , The girl was produced before Child Welfare Committee (CWC) Malappuram on Saturday and was sheltered at a childrens home in Malappuram. On Sunday,然后枪毙那些强奸犯,你们所创造的宗教才是你们最大的敌人,不要怜悯他们 Sandeep Raja4 hours ago Hang these MFs 绞死这些强奸犯 pooja patil5 hours ago Filing a case or arresting them wil never stop from happening this things in future. Such type of people must shot to death. 仅仅是提起诉讼或逮捕他们,一个父亲怎么能这样对自己的孩子?变态,精神失常。

a resident of Mele Chelari and Shyju, Common indianHyderabad3 hours ago India values animals more than humans, India12 hours ago Is this really a so called 100% literate state? 喀拉拉邦的人不是都受过教育吗,Mele Chelari居民,女孩才透露有关性侵的细节, , Hindustani2 hours ago south Indian are black inside out. shameless South d0gxxxx 南印度人不仅外表是黑的, son of Muhammed Kutty,强奸已经成为了我们生活的一部分,一名12岁的女孩遭大约30人强奸,怎么会发生这种事? Gone girlPune1 hours ago God: 12 year old getting raped 。

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